Beach. Scroll. Wynwood walls. Scroll. Red one-piece bathing suit. Scroll. 

Miami Instagram feeds have become fairly predictable, especially in the summer months. It's this time of year that naturally exposes millions of users to the cliché yet inevitable “I live where you vacation” shots.

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Recently, I got to experience a few of my favorite things all #rolled into one glorious afternoon in Wynwood. I never turn down an opportunity to indulge in some fresh sushi and I certainly never pass on bottomless drinks…so when I found out I had the chance to have both AND get my hands dirty in the process, I was giddy with excitement.

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Palm Beach Takeover   

Having grown up in Miami, I am a living, breathing representation of the mantra '3-0-5 til' I die.' I'm your typical born and bred Dade County girl and I'm not afraid to admit it. So when presented with an opportunity that tears me away from my beloved stomping grounds- say, to the 954 (gasp) or even the 561 (shudder), I've been known to play the 'lazy girl' card and stay in my Miami Dade bubble AKA my comfort zone.

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