By: Dana Rozansky

Just when we thought Wynwood couldn't get much better, it announced the opening of its all new, Asian sensation, 1-800-Lucky. So much more than a toll-free number, 1-800-Lucky is an Asian-themed marketplace complete with seven different food vendors all slinging up the best Asian cuisine this city has to offer. If you're not sold yet, 1-800-Lucky is also home to a karaoke bar, a small theater for private events, a sprawling bar and outdoor patio and even a record store because after all, this is Wynwood.

Upon walking into 1-800-Lucky, I experienced the same excitement I felt as a little girl entering a food court for the first time. Eyes darting left and right, stomach gently rumbling, brain trying to concoct the best mode of attack...Except this time around I was salivating over authentic banh mi and poke bowls instead of Chick-fil-A and Johnny Rockets. Oh, how times have changed.

1-800-Lucky has got a variety of Asian options to meet every mood and palate - from lighter fare including fresh hand-rolls and salads to warm, heartier options including ramen, dumplings and ribs. And of course, our friends at Lucky would never leave you high and dry without a beverage (or several) to wash down all of these delicacies.

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Last but not least, save room for dessert because Miami's most instagrammable treat just landed itself in the heart of Wynwood. Hailing from NYC, Taiyaki serves up the Japanese fish-shaped ice cream cones you've likely seem on the 'gram. So if you're looking for the best looking AND best tasting matcha ice cream cone outside of Japan, Taiyaki has got you covered.

So next time you want to get lucky (in the food department, at least), 1-800-Lucky is a sure thing.