Brickell, Meet Baby Jane

By: Dana Rozansky

Brickell: a hub for young professionals who frequently need a nice, stiff drink after work. Now, as a Brickell-based young professional, I can personally attest to the struggles of selecting a decent location for said drink(s). The challenge lies in the fact that many of us are not yet at the point in life where we’re ready to ball out on cocktails at Zuma on the reg, though I long for the day... On the flip side, we’ve graduated from pounding well drinks at a neighborhood bar where sloppy college kids roam freely – well, at least most of us have...

That leaves a nice, wide open space for a spot like Baby Jane to save us “struggling” up-and-coming adults from having to choose between the crème de la crème (translation: $$$$) and the crappiest of the crappy bars.

Thanks to Baby Jane, we can now feel like sophisticated adults while sipping craft cocktails and STILL be able to afford our Brickell rent – can I get a cheers to that?!

Now to answer your burning questions, here’s what you need to know about Brickell’s newest hangout, Baby Jane:

 Where is this Joint?

500 Brickell Ave (where Finnegan’s used to be)

Who’s Behind It?

Jason Odio, a key player in Miami’s nightlife scene and owner of Sidebar & Ariete & Roman Jones, Odio’s longtime mentor & nightlife honcho

What’s the Vibe?

Cool, casual, trendy yet unpretentious. It’s somewhat of a chic hole in the wall, or as the Baby Jane team likes to say, it’s got a “Laidback bungalow vibe”

What can I sip on?

Whether you’re a craft cocktail snob, a beer enthusiast or a wine lover, Baby Jane’s got the remedy to make any post-work stress disappear. It’s magic, really. With a focus on dozens of house-made bitters, tonics and shrubs, Baby Jane also offers an ever-changing Punch Board, and custom cocktails like the "Jane and Juice" made with passionfruit, jalapeno, gin, honey and fresh mint.

What about Grub?

Come on, do you know who you’re talking to? While we love a great cocktail, there’s nothing we love more than a great bite – or two or three. Chef Michael Beltran serves up some killer upscale bar bites – and no, we’re not talking nachos and popcorn. Feast your eyes on some of Chef’s specialties below…

Kale oysters Rockefeller: Oysters on the half shell, served with kale in a shallot garlic parmesan cheese sauce topped with almond breadcrumbs

Pork + Plantains: Roasted pork belly and plantains with pearl onions and temptation caramel

Steak Tartare: Flat iron steak, shallots, chives, crispy malanga and capers. Served with egg yolk and grilled bread

Duck & Foie Gras Croquettes: Hudson Valley duck with foie gras, Maraschino cherries, tarragon and mint. Served with fig ketchup

And for a very happy ending, Baby Jane won us over with this Pegasus pie, a deep fried pastry stuffed with guava and cream cheese.

Let’s just say we’re leaving on the baby monitor and we’ll be checking up on you real soon!