Burlock Coast: Rum-runnin’ with the best of them.

By: Paige Rosenthal

Grab your bootleg booze, because we’re traveling back to a time when prohibition ruled and daring smugglers spent their time rum-running their way to South Florida.  At The Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale, the newly-designed Burlock Coast captures the spirit of these above-the-law couriers with all of the creativity and imagination you’d expect from a Ritz Carlton restaurant. When you walk in, you’re reminded of a smaller-scale, marketplace-style eatery with sections of cuisine with everything from seafood to sweets. My eyes widened as I loudly screamed to myself, “I’ll have one of everything!” The restaurant was opened with its surprising new concept in late 2015, leading the charge on a nationwide redesign of Ritz Carlton dining.

But, the best is in the booze. The restaurant is practically flowing with rum, with the best spirits from around the world. Even if you’re “not a rum person,” you will definitely become a convert.

If you’re looking to get extra luxe, the private rum-paired dinner is the highlight of the restaurant. For mere pocket change of $150 per person for up to 10 people, you can treat yo self to a special curated dinner with courses and cocktails for days. I could not have been more impressed with each dish and definitely indulged more than I should have.

We started the evening off at a good pace with the Lion Fish Crudo -- impeccably fresh fish, on top of a solid brick of Himalayan salt with fresh and light citrus flavors. Then, we picked up speed with a short rib and polenta dish that left me nearly comatose, but in the best way possible. The rosemary-infused rum was the perfect pair, and its sharp flavor mixed perfectly with the savory meal. 

While the regular menu is to die for, I recommend a go big or go home strategy and spring for the private dinner. It’s a prime way to impress your boo on date night, so grab the phone and make your reservation. To get more information on the private dinners, the restaurant and incredible menu, visit www.burlockcoast.com.