Caribbean 305

By: Rebecca Charur

There are several tell taIe signs for me that summer is in full swing. One clear indicator is the wet beach towel that has been tossed to the back of my car alongside a royal blue cooler (another sign in itself). This cooler carries all the makings of a mediocre beach picnic, which typically include: a decent but limited assortment of fruits and a cold sandwich. While this is a perfectly convenient lineup for a hot summer day, it isn’t exactly what I’d deem a top-notch tropical meal.

Thankfully, there is an event that doesn't ask you to sacrifice quality for convenience. Rather, it encourages you to bask in the island vibes AND still indulge in unforgettably authentic bites.

I’m talking about Caribbean 305-- going down on June 3 at 8pm in Jungle Island. As a celebration of Caribbean cuisine and culture, the festival unites top chefs and bartenders from 16 Caribbean nations.

Hear the sweet siren calls of unlimited tapas-style dishes and Caribbean cocktails at the open bar. It's time to kick off your summer like a (not so) tacky tourist and immerse yourself in the captivating music and dance of the islands. 

So, here are the take-aways:

·      Unlimited plates of Caribbean cuisine

·      Live entertainment that will get you moving 

·      And last but certainly not least, OPEN BAR

Tickets are available for purchase here. See ya there!