Cypress Tavern Brunch

By: Dana Rozansky.

When we heard Michael Schwartz was gracing Miami with yet another one of his renowned restaurants, we were all like, “You had me at Michael Schwartz.” No, but really. If you’ve been to his restaurants, including Michael’s Genuine and Harry’s Pizzeria, then you understand the hype. It’s justified. I mean, this guy didn’t win a James Beard Award for nothin’! As a huge fan of his other Miami hotspots, we were eager to try out the latest in his arsenal.

We’re here today to talk about Cypress Tavern, Michael Schwartz’s most recent brainchild. More specifically, we’re here to talk about brunch – one of our most beloved pastimes.

Brunch at Cypress is a far cry from your standard omelet/granola/grits lineup. To really drive the message home, we’d like to coin this the Regina George of brunches.

What makes this brunch so coveted, you ask?

For starters, Lobster Avocado Toast (revolutionary, we know).

Moving on to Soft Polenta with grilled mushrooms, a poached egg and truffles.


How about wood roasted short rib with creamy farro and a fried egg?

If you’re still not sold, we’re genuinely worried about you…but we’ll give you one last try. Feast your eyes on Cypress Tavern’s French toast, complete with fig compote, pistachio and crème fraiche.