Downtown Bistro

By: Dana Rozansky

When it comes to cuisine, the French tend to know a thing or two. French onion soup, French bread, French fries (drooling yet?) and the list goes on…

So where does one find some good old authentic French food in Miami, you might ask? Well, in the sleepy streets of Downtown Miami rests a hidden gem called Downtown Bistro that serves up some fine French-fusion fare.

Directly across from the new Langford Hotel in Downtown Miami, Downtown Bistro is a safe haven for people who want to treat themselves to a tasty meal without any fuss and without breaking the bank.

Upon entering Downtown Bistro, we felt right at home. The space is warm, charming and inviting, and the owners treat you like a guest in their house. Downtown Bistro is owned by a couple who met in France and decided to pursue their shared love for food…and boy are we glad they did!

Don’t underestimate these Downtown digs – let’s just say this place may be small but it packs a big punch.

It’s time for our favorite activity; Show & Tell:

Fried Dates filled with goat cheese and wrapped in Maplewood bacon 

Watermelon & Buffalo Mozzarella Caprese with Truffle Oil & Crispy Prosciutto & Mixed Greens

Salmon & Shrimp Carpaccio with sherry vinaigrette, arugula and avocado (Note: Don’t get too attached since this one was a daily special)

Steak tartare with Dijon mustard and a quail egg

Short rib ravioli with 4 cheese sauce, poached shrimp and asparagus

And drumroll please for the MVP of the night: Seared scallops over risotto with Portobello mushrooms and truffle oil

Last but not least, Downtown Bistro really stepped up its game in the dessert department. Being a sucker with a sweet tooth, they won me over at this Mille-feuille with NUTELLA. Need I say more?

So next time you find yourself fiending for French food, call up our friends at Downtown Bistro - Bon Appetit!