El Tucan

By: Dana Rozansky

In the heart of Brickell lies a restaurant with décor so unique you can’t help but whip out your phone to snap pics. With cocktails so sophisticated, you can’t help but make your way through the menu until you’ve tried a few. And with vibes so good you’ll want to grab a group of your friends and make it a night out.

Meet El Tucan…and no, it’s not the cheesy dinner and a show experience you might have stumbled upon one night in the past. El Tucan has gotten a facelift, and I’ll be the first to tell you she’s never looked better.

The new and improved El Tucan occupies that same corner space in Brickell but has an entirely new look and feel. Upon entering the space, you’ll be ooh’ing and ahh’ing at the LED screens with interactive features that take interior design to a whole new level. You’ll then wonder to yourself: Can a space this cool really serve up great food or is it all just for show?

You’ll then try some cocktails created with such precision and grace that you’ll think of mixology as a true art form, stopping to admire your drink before tossing it back.

Next, you’ll indulge in a variety of Asian-inspired dishes, from tuna tarts to Hamachi tacos to wagyu sliders, sushi platters and more. You’ll be blown away, as each dish looks and tastes better than the last.

Then, you’ll sit back, let the cocktails sink in, and let the energy kick up a notch. Watch as the space effortlessly transforms from a classy dinner spot into a fun lounge with music and dancing.

There you have it: drinks, dinner, dancing & décor all wrapped up in one can’t-miss experience. Next time you’re looking for a fun night out in Brickell, consider El Tucan your one-stop-shop.