Food Republic - Get on Board with Chef Mendin’s new Cookbook

By: Dana Rozansky

First, The Pubbelly Boys conquered land by bringing you some serious Miami staples such as Pubbelly, Pubbelly Sushi and PB Station.

Next, The Pubbelly Boys conquered sea, with their first cruise ship concept, Food Republic, aboard the brand new Norwegian Escape.

Lastly, to nobody’s surprise, the boys are at it again and they’re about to conquer your kitchen thanks to Chef Jose Mendin’s brand new digital recipe book, Food Republic. Inspired by his concept aboard the cruise ship, this cookbook celebrates 30 of the most delicious dishes available on the high seas. 

Now for those of you who think cruise food is all about inhaling as much soft serve and Johnny Rockets as humanly possible, I’m here to let you know that Jose Mendin and his crew have flipped the switch…and thankfully, now we can all see the light. 

Recently, I had the privilege on hopping on board the Norwegian Escape to SEA for myself what all of the hype was about. 

Upon stepping foot on the ship, you’ll immediately understand why your typical “cruise food” just wasn’t going to cut it here. This ship is an enormous, luxurious mecca complete with all of the bells and whistles. Think cabaret, wine cellars, a snow room and so much more.

If you ask me, though, the real selling point is Food Republic, an original Pubbelly concept. Here you can expect many of the classics you’ve come to crave from the various Pubbelly locations, as well as some new creations Chef Mendin has recently whipped up.

The best part of all is that the Pubbelly Boys are no longer keeping their food formulas to themselves. With Chef Mendin’s new digital recipe book, Food Republic, he reveals his trade secrets and puts us up to the test of trying them at home.

So I challenge you to download the cookbook, get your hands dirty, and let me know if your finished products look like the ones below.

Ready to get on board?

So wherever you encounter the Pubbelly boys next, be it on land, on sea or in your kitchen, it’s sure to be an appetizing adventure.