The Jim & Neesie at Generator

By: Rebecca Charur

I like to think that my first hostel experience would have been completely different had I stayed at a Generator. Not that there was anything particularly wrong with my last hostel adventure — sweaty, barefoot roommate aside — but Generator just seems to get it. Across major European cities, Generator Hostels are hailed for their affordable luxury rooms and eclectic vibes that make you feel cool by just being there. And happy to report that its first U.S. outpost completely lives up to the hype that precedes it.

From a socially-minded lobby aglow with neon lights to multiple lounge spaces and bars, Generator Hostel Miami brings a new edge to Miami’s boutique hotel and restaurant lineup. For an innovative taste with comfort at its core, venture underneath the red glow of the neon sign that reads “The Jim & Neesie.” There you’ll find an intimate experience-driven restaurant and bar for more than just hostel guests.

Surrounded by greenery and a classic brick wall, The Jim & Neesie has all the makings of the perfect date night: Sultry lighting, buzzing bar with craft cocktails served table-side, and insane bites. So next time you’re looking to impress that special person, take them to a hostel. Sounds unconventional to say the least, but you’ll both be more than pleased to find these showstoppers:

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