Halves & Wholes

By: Greyceli Marin

If you’re mad about paying $20 for parking in Miami Beach, eating an overpriced lunch that leaves you hungry anyway, only to walk back to your car and finding an $18 parking ticket on your windshield because you went over the time limit by 4 minutes, then you’ll be happy about Halves and Wholes’ new happy hour.

Menin Hospitality took over Alton and 16th street with Bodega, Ricky’s and its latest addition Halves and Wholes. H&W offers a fast-casual extension to the otherwise party vibe of the block. Its menu features “12 Best” sandwiches as well as completely customizable ones, soups, salads, desserts and craft beers.

Signature sandwiches are $8 - $10 for halves and $14 - $18 for wholes. The daily happy hour deal runs from 3 to 7 PM and gives you a selection of half sandwiches for $5 as well as half off all the beer.

To put this deal into perspective, you can get two Superbird halves (turkey, brie, bourbon bacon jam, arugula and aioli on a sesame baguette) for $10 during happy hour, versus the $16 it’s normally worth.

But enough math. We’ll let these photos do the rest of the talking: