Katsuya Brickell

By: Dana Rozansky

I’ll admit that I have repeatedly cursed Brickell over the past year or so thanks to its seemingly never-ending construction and traffic. That said, when the brand new SLS Lux popped up with a swanky bar and one of my favorite restaurants inside, I realized that maybe the aggravation and road rage were a small price to pay…and good things come to those who wait.

SLS Lux is a stunning new skyscraper smack dab in the heart of Brickell that seems to be the perfect setting for the incredibly cool and sophisticated bar and restaurant that are tucked inside. Let’s start with S Bar. When you step foot inside, you’ll feel miles away from the plethora of Brickell bars us 20-somethings are accustomed to frequenting until the wee hours of the morning. So be prepared to trade in your well vodka for the high-shelf stuff because S Bar does not play around. Whether you’re looking to impress a date, close a business deal or just class it up with your girlfriends, S Bar is your spot. The space is gorgeous, with dramatic light fixtures and major wallpaper goals. But beyond that, the drinks are really where the magic happens. They’re inventive, boozy and go down a tad too easily if you ask me (not complaining).

Just past S Bar you’ll find Katsuya, where you can settle in for a delicious meal that will give you a whole new appreciation for sushi and sashimi. If you’ve been to any of the other Katsuya locations, you know you can always expect the highest quality, freshest ingredients. But what you might not know is that this new location comes with a whole new bag of tricks. We’re talking a new look and feel, plus some new menu items so you can mix things up. Not that you can go wrong with Katsuya’s tried and true dishes, but why not live a little?!

When it comes to living a little, it’s probably more accurate to say I was living LARGE during my first Katsuya Brickell experience. Below, you’ll see what I mean…

So Brickell, I apologize for all of the curse words spewed while enduring traffic on my way home. The only profanities you’ll be hearing from now on is how f*&%$!g delicious Katsuya is. Til next time!