By: Dana Rozansky

In a city like Miami that’s so highly regarded for its nightlife, it’s no surprise that trendy new restaurants seem to be popping up left and right. It is surprising, however, when one of these trendy restaurants turns out to be more than just a pretty face. Meaning, once you get tired of ogling the interiors and eyeing the who’s who of Miami at the bar, you are actually still inclined to stay because the food, drinks and service are good enough to keep you jazzed once the initial pizzazz of that shiny new place wears off.  

Introducing the latest in the lineup of Miami’s new, chic restaurants: Mandrake. First let me clarify something: I don’t think I could EVER get tired of ogling the interiors at Mandrake because the décor is simply unlike any other restaurant I’ve seen. With fun wall art, lighting and instagrammable opportunities around every corner, this place is serious eye candy.  


Now on to the food. Mandrake has an Asian-inspired menu filled with sushi, sashimi and much more. They’re serving up everything from simple Hamachi rolls to a unique Alaskan king crab & uni pasta dish. So whether you choose to go tried and true or you opt for an inventive dish sprinkled with gold flakes (yes, gold), you can’t go wrong.

A few of my Mandrake must-haves:

I’ll leave you with this: You don’t have to sacrifice good food for a great ambiance. You can have both (plus all of the photo opps your heart desires) at Mandrake.