Miami Runs on Cafecito

By: Amy Sedeño

The Magic City never stops, and with Art Basel approaching many will turn to the highly addictive, highly delicious drug known as caffeine for an extra energy boost. To help you sift through Basel madness, we’ve rounded up the 305’s five best craft coffee shops. Sip responsibly. 

Cafe Curuba

Tucked around the corner of Coral Gables’ Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, Cafe Curuba (named after a Colombian exotic fruit) has become a favored neighborhood hang-out. The no frills, specialty coffee shop serves really good coffee, no kidding… but it's also worth mentioning Cafe Curuba's pastries like melt-in-your-mouth guava pan de bonos and small bites. Offering espressos, marcados, cortados, lattes and lagrimas, Curuba has all of your caffeine needs covered. Their sweet milk does wonders and their cold brew with a splash of soy milk will keep your head in the game.

Cafe Curuba 2 edited.jpg

Panther Coffee

No introductions needed. Panther Coffee is “the” Miami place to go for a farm-to-cup experience. With locations in Wynwood, Coconut Grove and South Beach, the specialty coffee roaster, retailer and wholesaler known for its sustainable approach, offers a variety of beans from different origins, regions and farms. Their almond croissant is the perfect East Coast capp companion and customers can choose from several brewing methods: ready brew, cold brew and brewed to order.

Panther C edited.jpg

All Day

 And all night… this very Instagrammable Downtown coffee shop has plenty of cred. It’s the brainchild of Camila Ramos, former Panther Coffee director of retail operations. Their creative menu stands out with offerings like the royal tea (dried coffee fruit tea and sweet Florida milk infused with nitrogen) and the pour over, a selection of single origin coffee made to order on a kalita, Japanese-style. Opt for the nitro and one of their egg-centric dishes like the baked double yolk with creamy leeks, spinach with pecorino and lemon zest.

All Day edited.jpg

Tinta y Café

Miami is notoriously known for its Cuban coffee windows, and Tinta y Cafe, located on Ponce De Leon, is a place where you’ll want to stay a while. The small, Wi-Fi less coffee shop promotes the art of conversation over simple, but oh so delicious café con leche (coffee with milk). The charming eatery also has Cuban staples like croquetas and pastelitos. Don’t miss out on La Caleña sandwich or salad complete with prosciutto, turkey and Manchego cheese and topped with an exquisite cilantro mayo dressing.

Tinta y Cafe 10.14.03 AM edited.jpg

Threefold Cafe

Part restaurant, part coffee bar Threefold Cafe, located in Coral Gables and South Miami, is the Aussie best friend we always wished we had. Threefold offers premium coffee locally sourced from Panther Coffee, a proper macchiato, and all day breakfast served all weekend long. On the restaurant front, owners and Melbourne transplants Teresa and Nick Sharp serve up Australian-inspired hearty dishes like the Big Bad Aussie (fried eggs, house baked beans, hash brown, bacon slab, spinach, toast and house relish), slow roasted lamb and hand cut fat chips (Australian for fries).

Threefold Cafe edited.jpg