Miami's Best Poke Spots

By: Dana Rozansky & Rebecca Charur

Since the dawning of the age of Poke, Miami’s salad game has gotten a whole lot more interesting (and tropical).

Poke, pronounced POK-EH, is the Hawaiian word for sliced. But, even if a trip to Hawaii isn’t in the cards, try taking a spin around your neighborhood. Odds are you’ll find some fresh poke right around the corner.No airfare, no jet lag, and tons of authentic Hawaiian poke.

Poke Bao | Coral Gables

Finding a fast casual restaurant that specializes in top-notch poke and bao buns really is the golden ticket Miami was missing. Founder and chef, Daniel Bouza, is first in command in the line of all things Hawaiian cuisine. Authenticity is the name of his game with inspiration for the dishes coming straight out of a small surf shack in Lana'I City, Hawaii. It was in this same city that Bouza gained hands on experience working at Nobu Lana'I, later moving to Makoto, and ultimately landing in Coral Gables.

MFP Recommendation: Local crispy whitefish and Crispy Rice Tuna

Poke 305 | Brickell

Poke 305’s build it yourself options are ideal for the picky eater (we all know that person). If the preset menu items don’t quite cut it, simply shift gears and customize your bowl. Results range from a traditional poke bowl with brown rice and soy sauce to a serving of chicken with Peruvian corn, fresh mango and crispy wonton chips. The blue Hawaiian sky is the limit at Poke 305.

MFP Recommendation: The #5 AKA “Akamai” which comes with tuna with ahi sauce, white onion, scallion, daikon, ginger, mango, avocado, white sesame seeds and yuca chips. Don’t forget the extra spicy mayo!

POKEBAR | South Miami

Miami’s newest poke venture and your next getaway is none other than POKEBAR. They do everything from the obvious poke bowls and bao buns, to the more innovative sushi burritos and sushi burgers. Throw in some conch salad straight outta Bimini and a trip back to POKEBAR is practically inevitable. Unlike other bars though, you won’t regret any decisions you make here.

MFP Recommendation: Salmon Splash Bowl and Tokyo Deli Burrito

Ono Poke | Wynwood

It’s about damn time Wynwood got in on the poke game. Nestled next to a charming little headshop, Ono Poke Shop might not look like much from the outside, but as they say – don’t judge a book by its cover. As soon as you step inside, you’ll be smitten by the bright wallpaper and even brighter, fresh fish. Ono Poke’s head chef boasts more than five years of experience working alongside the famed Makoto, so you know he’s learned from the best. With sushi grade fish and produce delivered daily, you know you’re in for a treat.

MFP Recommendation: Ono Crunchy Tuna Bowl: Rice or greens topped with spicy tuna, jalapeno, red onion, pickled cucumber, crispy tempura topped with wasabi aioli and eel sauce