Miami’s Most Baller Brunch Buffets

By: Dana Rozansky


If there’s one meal that I’m truly passionate about, it’s brunch. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder – and those five days each week that I have to go without brunch are a true testament to that saying.

So when the weekend finally rolls around, I get giddy at the thought of brunching at Miami’s finest…because make no mistake – when I brunch (yes, it’s a verb), I like to ball out.

Whether I’m tired, hungover or just plain lazy on the weekends, brunch has a 100% success rate of prying this girl out of bed…and you’re about to see why.


Behold, Miami’s Most Baller Brunch Buffets:



The Rundown: This just may be the best bottomless brunch deal in town: mark my words. With a savory and sweet selection that will have your head spinning, there’s truly no better place to indulge on a Saturday or Sunday before hitting the beach. Prime Fish has got an array of hot options ranging from eggs benedict to chicken and waffles to Kobe beef meatballs and sausage rigatoni.  If your sweet tooth is kicking in, you can go for Nutella-filled French toast or homemade s’mores, among many other decadent desserts. Wash it all down with some bottomless beverages for the ultimate brunch experience.

The Damage: $49 (inclusive of unlimited mimosas, bellinis, prosecco & bloody marys)

Insider Tip: As tempting as the buffet may be, pace yourself. Believe it or not, Prime Fish also lets you pick an entrée off the brunch menu to enjoy. Personally, I find that taking bellini breaks between courses really helps the process. Remember – it’s a marathon, not a sprint.



The Rundown: Cecconi’s has got a Sunday brunch buffet that will make you swoon. Set in the lobby of Soho Beach House, there’s something to salivate over at every turn. You can start out slow and steady with a variety of cured meats, cheeses and salads – but don’t fill up too much since there’s more where that came from. Cecconi’s is working with home-made ceviche, salmon tartare (prepared on the spot), an omelet station, a carving station and desserts galore. Don’t worry though, you’ll burn it all off on your various walks to and from the buffet.

The Damage: $35 (inclusive of one complimentary bellini or mimosa)

Insider Tip: If the weather is nice, we definitely recommend snagging a table in the charming courtyard outside. Also, it’s worth noting that Soho House members get a discount on brunch so take advantage. You know who you are!



The Rundown: As the name implies, this upscale Peruvian spot is located right on the water with incredible views of the city. While dinner at La Mar is on point, brunch here takes it to another level. You’ve got two different buffets – one hot and one cold. To give you an idea of what’s involved: seafood, ceviche, tartare, sashimi, causas, pork belly buns, chicharron, soups, skewers – shall I continue? The list goes on…and each item is as impressive as the last. After stuffing your face at the buffet, you can choose an entrée from several Peruvian specialties such as Lomo Saltado. The real show stopper here? Dessert. Imagine a large doll-house filled with bite-sized desserts in every nook and cranny rotating in front of your eyes. I rest my case.

The Damage: $85 (inclusive of unlimited cocktails)

Insider Tip: La Mar offers a wide variety of cocktails along with its brunch buffet. While some recommend not mixing your liquors, I say why the hell not?! You can switch back and forth, so I’d definitely give a few of La Mar’s cocktails a whirl…in moderation, of course ;)



The Rundown: Any time I set foot in Zuma, it’s a sight for sore eyes. Whether it’s the beautiful people, the view of the water or the sprawling brunch buffet of fresh sashimi, sushi and shellfish, I instinctively think to myself, “This is the life.” Rather than your typical buffet, Zuma has got a premium sushi and sashimi bar and a full-blown robata counter…and in case that doesn’t fill you up, you can order a main dish off the brunch menu to top it all off. But wait, there’s more: Zuma brings its signature rice hot pot with mushrooms and Japanese veggies for the table to share. Last but not least, Zuma’s brunch finale is a head-turning dessert platter with signature sweets, exotic fruits, ice cream and sorbets.

The Damage: $95 (Inclusive of unlimited cocktails)

Insider Tip: Try to get a table outside by the water. While the walk to the buffet may be slightly longer, you’ll have an extra beautiful view to look at while you sip on unlimited cocktails between courses. Also, instead of waiting for champagne refills, see if your waiter will bring the whole bottle over to your table instead. Hey, can’t hurt to ask!


By: Paige Rosenthal

The Rundown: If you’re from Miami, there’s no doubt that the words Nikki and Beach are very familiar to you when strung together. But what you may not have known is Miami ‘s staple beachy lounge and eatery has a brunch that will make you stop and stare. Once you pick your jaw up off of the floor, scope out the scene featuring fresh sliced meats, sushi rolls for miles, breakfast favorites like potatoes and fresh eggs, paella and a full-fledged pasta bar. The options are certainly plentiful and varied, so be sure to arrive ready – full eyes… empty stomachs…can’t lose. The newest addition at Nikki Beach puts the boozy in this brunch with one of the best Bloody Mary bars I’ve seen. Sip on any of the 14-plus handcrafted cocktails with as many toppings as you can get your hands on. Yes, that is a burger atop that BM.

The Damage: $49.95 (not inclusive of cocktails)

Insider Tip: After you’ve had your fill of main dishes, head over to the dedicated dessert counter with bite sized treats. The best part? Let’s be honest, scoops are so last year, and ‘tis the season to get rolled. Nikki Beach is serving up decadent fresh flavors like Strawberry and Oreo Cookie ice cream – burrito-rolled to perfection.

So there you have it. It’s time to pick out your Sunday’s best (and loosest) outfit and gear up for next weekend. Brunch is calling!



The Rundown: You’re going to want to stop and smell the roses at Driftwood Room, because this ROSÉ brunch is not to be missed! Every Sunday, expect the bubbly to flow as you indulge in an a la carte menu, a delectable buffet spread and bottomless La Villa Barton Cotes de Provence rosé for just $25 a POP! Now it’s important to coat your stomach before consuming all that bubbly, and Driftwood Room covers all the bases with a wide variety of salads, cheeses, meats, pastries as well as heartier items such as chicken and waffles, paella, slow roasted Cuban pork (yes, the entire pig), and churrasco...Because who doesn’t want to gorge on these finger-lickin’ treats before stripping down to your bikini and lounging poolside for the remainder of your day? Let’s just cross our greasy fingers that Nautilus is a #JudgmentFreeZone

The Damage: $55 for a bountiful brunch buffet, plus $25 for bottomless rosé

Insider Tip: At Nautilus, once you pop, the fun don’t stop. Make sure to check out the pool scene post-brunch for a chill Sunday Funday with an awesome DJ and eye candy to boot. 



The Rundown:  With locations across Miami, Fort Lauderdale and even Toronto, this authentic Italian wine bar certainly raises the bar when it comes to brunch. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, Cibo’s sprawling space on South Beach is abuzz with hungry locals who are in for a feast. You can ease into the action with a variety of breads, salads, cheeses and meats – OR you can dive head first into the game with a variety of pastas, pizzas, omelets and more. Last but not least, save room for dessert because you’ll be tempted by pastries, waffles, ice cream, cheesecake, and the real show-stopper – a giant jar of Nutella. Brace yourselves.

The Damage: All of that grub goes for just $35. Seems too good to be true, but that’s the real deal!

Insider Tip: Cibo’s got champagne specials that will make it hard to stick to your mantra of “I’m never drinking again” from the night before. At just $18 a bottle, it’s a no brainer.