Quality is the Name; Meats is the Game.

By: Dana Rozansky.

Hailing from NYC, Quality Meats occupies its own sacred space in Miami’s steak house scene.  Finally, a fresh approach to your boring, traditional steak house – hallelujah! Quality Meats has the charm and sophistication that we expect when dishing out the big bucks for a juicy hunk of meat; however, they far surpass any so-called “competitors” in terms of creativity and drool-worthy offerings.

As the restaurant’s name implies, these meats are no joke. Come with an appetite since you’re not working with 8 ouncers here -- we’re talking steaks the size of your torso. In case you don’t believe me, here’s some proof:

If you’re not a huge steak fan, don’t fret. One of the best new additions to the menu is worthy of “Last Meal on Earth” status. I’d like to formally introduce my new partner in crime – Chicken Parm Pizza. This beauty may look like a massive pizza pie, but don’t be fooled – it’s actually chicken parm. Not that there’s anything wrong with pizza, but there’s just something so RIGHT about chicken parm pizza.

Insider tip: Drizzle some honey on top and thank me later.

Insider tip: Drizzle some honey on top and thank me later.

Now I want to make one thing crystal clear- Quality Meats is NOT just for meat eaters! For those of you vegetarians out there (I personally don’t get it, but #respect), rest assured that there are tons of enticing options for you.

For example, Corn Crème Brulee: Yes, that’s a thing and it’s exactly how you’re picturing it – only better.

Now, don’t think I’d leave you hanging without getting to the sweet stuff. Quality Meats BRINGS IT with house specialties like Warm Apple & Plum Tart, a Rich Chocolate Cake, and ice cream flavors that will put Ben & Jerry’s to shame.

So let me ask you – why choose quality over quantity when you can have both at Quality Meats?