Raw Juce

By: Dana Rozansky

Ever since Raw Juce moved into my neighborhood, I was equal parts psyched and doomed, as I knew I’d quickly retire my boring at-home protein shake and instead start spending my hard-earned dough on their oh-so-delicious offerings. Given that I’m now a weekly (okay, sometimes daily) patron of Raw Juce, I consider myself fully qualified to give you my official run-down of the must-order items, based on what you’re lookin’ for. So without further ado:

For the Caffeine Addict: RAW-PUCCINOS

Meet the newest addition to Raw Juce’s already expansive (and tempting) menu: Raw-puccinos. When you’re looking for that caffeine fix, but want something more than a basic iced latte, this is the answer. There are several options to choose from such as the Black and White, Holy Cacao, Vanilla Bean Protein or you can keep it simple with an Iced Cold Brew. My personal favorite? The iced Choco-Latte, with cold brew coffee, cashews, almond mylk, coconut nectar, cacao and sea salt poured over ice. Needless to say, your daily coffee run is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

unnamed edited.jpg

For the Acai Bowl Aficionado: The Power Bowl

Raw Juce seriously brings it in the acai bowl department, offering up six different varieties to leave you totally stumped. While I’ve tried a few and loved them all, my go-to is without a doubt the Power Bowl. Let’s take a little looksie at what goes into this magical bowl so you can understand why it quickly won me over: Banana, mango, acai, almond mylk, protein powder and almond butter blended together and topped with Banana, Flax Seed Granola, Hemp Seeds, Almonds, Blueberries and garnished with Raw Honey. It’s creamy, rich, decadent and somehow even healthy…

unnamed-1 edited.jpg
raw juce 1 edited.jpg

For the Protein Packer: OMG Protein

Raw Juce has a ton of items that are perfect for that post-gym pick-me-up. Whether you opt for a bowl, a smoothie or even a salad, you can’t go wrong. That said, my favorite protein-packed shake is the OMG Protein- hands down. It’s got Cashew Mylk, Almond Mylk, Banana, Almond Butter, Oats, Sea Salt, Vega Sport Protein, and is garnished with Raw Honey and Chopped Almonds. It seriously tastes like dessert. And on days where I want to cut some cals, I swap the cashew mylk with spinach and nix the oats (thanks for the pro tip, Chris).

For the Sweet Tooth: Raw Cashew Butter Cup

Raw Juce understands the concept of treating yo self, so they developed guilt-free sweets to help us indulge without any remorse. Options range from lemon poppy cookies to raw caramel almond squares to raw energy bars. My pick? The Raw Cashew Butter Cup, which is essentially like eating a Reese’s without the self-loathing. Made with coconut oil, raw cacao powder, raw honey, cashews, Madagascar vanilla and sea salt, it’s a party in your mouth.

So next time you’re looking for a satisfying breakfast, an afternoon pick-me-up or even a sweet treat, Raw Juce has got you covered.