Red Ginger Revitalizes Lunch

By: Dana Rozansky.

Today we’re here to talk about the widespread epidemic of lame lunches. Far too often we find ourselves eating the cheapest and closest items we can grab, without any real regard for how our taste buds might feel about the matter. Let’s be honest – we all deserve better than last night’s half-eaten leftovers or a mediocre sub from Jimmy John’s. How else are we supposed to make it through the day without a hangry outburst?

Lunch is like the middle child of meals, always getting overshadowed by the far more popular meals of the day. We get it – breakfast is “the most important meal of the day” and dinner is usually the time to indulge after a long, hard day of work. But let’s not overlook the underdog here.

We’re committed to putting a stop to the lame lunch epidemic. We’re going to revitalize lunch as we know it and show you this meal’s true potential.

Exhibit A: Red Ginger’s Game-Changing Lunch Menu.

First thing you need to know is that lunch at Red Ginger dishes up three kickass courses for just $21. It’s a salivating steal, if you ask us.

Let us break it down for you:

Course 1: This is really the warm-up or the pregame, if you will. Options include miso soup, short rib bao bun, Japanese eggplant salad, mizuma salad or thai coconut soup.

This salad was light and refreshing, with Japanese greens, watercress, ume shiso, crispy garlic and rice pearls. Perfect way to kick off the meal.

Course 2: Let the games begin! Here’s where the decisions get tough – in a good way. For the main course, you can go with teriyaki salmon, Wagyu burger, fish & chips, bento box, salmon & crab burger or lobster bahn mi.

If you’re in the same predicament as we were (AKA everything sounds too good – how is one supposed to choose?) then grab some friends or colleagues and mix and match. Believe us, you’re going to want to try it all.

This bento box boasts a truffle salmon roll with a side of fried rice. Just the right amount of food that leaves you satisfied, but certainly not too full to make it to course 3. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint

Course 3: Mochi! Choose from a selection of flavors to end your lunch experience on a sweet note.

Lychee and strawberry mochi make for quite the finale

So next time you’re experiencing the all-too-common lunch struggles, just stop, drop and roll on over to Red Ginger for lunch the way it should be.