Spring Chicken

By: Rebecca Charur

Why did the hungry people cross the road?

To get to the Spring Chicken on the other side, of course.

Spring Chicken is quickly reinventing southern comfort food, a style that has caught fire throughout South Florida, with four new restaurant locations.

Miami is witnessing the movement towards a cleaner, fresher fast food starting with Spring Chicken, specifically where everything is actually homemade. Each Spring Chicken location comes fully equipped with its own state of the art kitchen and chefs prepared to make your meal the way mom does. 

So, to help you maximize your southern comfort experience, I want to break down a couple of my favorites from my most recent trip to the brand spankin’ new Spring Chicken in Fort Lauderdale.

Cinnamon Roll Shake

One sip and this shake will leave you grinning like a fat kid. Because really, who has ever eaten a cinnamon roll without a smile on their face? I'm going to take a page out of Cinnamon Toast Crunch's book and say that this shake was the taste you could see, with tiny specks of cinnamon swirled throughout the shake. 

Before you start drooling, this shake is a monthly special so until it’s back you might want to give their other classics a shot.

Mac and Cheese and Minty Watermelon


One side just wasn't enough, so go ahead and add the minty watermelon. I know you want to.

If I could draw you a picture of my perfect summer day, it would be myself reclined on a cushioned lawn chair poolside with a bottomless bowl of this cold watermelon draped in shredded mint leaves. Not only was it a refreshing candy-like appetizer but it also helped wash down the biscuits and chicken that are still to come.

Biscuits and The Yardbird


Of the award-winning sandwiches, top dog had to be The Yardbird and could probably give the Colonel a run for his money in the fried chicken department. Throw in a fresh house pickle and an even spread of Spring Chicken's southern sauce and you've got yourself a match-made in heaven.

So after a childhood of settling for fried chicken the original fast food way, quality southern comfort food is finally just a cross road away at Spring Chicken.