Some say, “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” but I’m waiting for that lunch bell to go off.

The name Taula is up on the exposed cinder block wall of the restaurant and reflects a gold sheen. Walk up to the counter, and you will find a lineup of flavorful ingredients that come together on your plate. This casual spot makes picking up lunch a breeze. Just start by selecting your meal in a box or a wrap. I filled my bowl with white rice, potato bites, classic tabbouleh, tomato-cucumber, assorted veggies and the oh-so-good tzatziki.

Don’t forget the protein! Taula gives you the choice between eggplant, DONER chicken or SHAWARMA beef. Both chicken and beef looked incredible, yet I went for chicken cause that smoked paprika and lime just sounds awesome. My favorite part about this cuisine is how well the various ingredients play with each other; like the turmeric garlic sauce with the beet cilantro.

The portions at Taula are supersized (love that) so I was able to close up my box and save my leftovers for dinner. Just see for yourself.

Taula 2 edited.jpg