Five of Miami’s Biggest, Baddest Burgers

By: Dana Rozansky.

A burger’s a burger, right?


In a city as vast and diverse as Miami, it’s easy to find yourself drowning in a sea of sub-par options. Well, friends, consider us your life raft because Miami Food Porn’s coming to save the day.

Why? Because we’re big believers that life is too short to be eating bad burgers! Or really anything, for that matter.

Today we’re giving you the (not so) skinny on five must-try burgers in this town. Believe us, we could give you a list of 50, but your waistline will thank us later for keeping this list short and sweet. Plus, we don’t want to give you too much to swallow (literally) at once.

 So here goes:

NOA: You’re looking at 10 ounces of Angus Ground Beef topped with bacon, avocado and cheese. This bad boy will help you recover from a hard night out. We actually conducted very sophisticated field research and this theory is proven to work. No hamburger helper here, just hangover helper.

GIGI: Gigi’s BLT Burger falls under the “Basics” section of their menu, but oh do we beg to differ! This beast is topped with pork belly, BBQ sauce and house pickles. Last time we checked, #basic referred to girls who love froyo – are we missing something?

Note: This burger is equally epic at all times of day, not just post-Bardot at 4 a.m.

MICHAEL MINA: Trekking to the Fontainebleau doesn’t always have to mean popping bottles at Liv. There are simpler joys that await us, such as this Coast to Coast burger loaded with chorizo, avocado, crispy potato fritas, cheese, bacon and a sunny side up egg.

Insider Tip: Michael Mina is also home to a PEANUT BUTTER CRUNCH BURGER. Go see for yourself.

BURGER & BEER: While B&B’s burger lineup never disappoints, there happens to be one burger that shines just a little brighter than the rest. We proudly present our B&B MVP to the Mustang Sally. She’s packin’ ½ a pound of Wagyu beef, red onion marmalade, brie cheese and sliced prosciutto on a brioche bun. So wrong it’s right.

APEIRO: This Prime Steak Burger is topped with smoked bacon sauce, balsamic red onion, local tomato and shredded lettuce. In case that’s not enough to make your pants feel tight, Apeiro generously provides a nice, heaping side of fries – truffle, because we’re fancy like that.

Alright people, burger crawl starts in 3, 2, 1...