Wynwood's New Duo

By:  Dana Rozansky

Over the past few years, Wynwood seems to have gotten a major face-lift. This area which was once dubbed “sketchy” quickly reinvented itself as its graffiti-lined streets became populated with trendy boutiques, restaurants and bars.

Each month, I seem to discover a new gem in Wynwood. Whether it’s a sushi-making class or a new iced coffee shop, Wynwood continues to impress me. While I’m sure most of you have explored the main drag with Panther Coffee and all of those usual suspects, I’m here to tell you not to neglect Wynwood’s once-sleepy side streets. All you’ve got to do is swoop a left after Panther and you’ll uncover food gems galore.

There are two new kids on the block that you need to add to your bucket list stat.

First up, Federal Donuts. Hailing from Philly, this donut shop had already made a name for itself before it opened its doors in Wynwood. Those in the know counted down until we could get a taste of its infamous donuts and see what all the hype was about. Federal Donuts is a low-key shop with no real bells and whistles – they let the donuts do the talking. Here you can opt for a ‘fancy’ donut which can be anything from guava poppy to blueberry mascarpone or you can choose a ‘hot and fresh’ flavor such as strawberry lavender or cinnamon sugar. But that’s not the only reason Federal Donuts has likely been blowing up your Insta feed for the past few weeks. Aside from its donuts, Federal offers up insane Korean-style fried chicken sandwiches. Made in-house and topped with a special sauce, cheese and pickles, it’s the perfect way to wash down your donut – or vice versa!

Next, I’d like to introduce you to Federal Donuts’ newest neighbor, Dizengoff. It’s time to ditch the Sabra, because Miami just got DAMN good hummus on the scene. Named after one of Tel Aviv’s most iconic streets, Dizengoff is an Israeli-style hummusiya (yes, that’s a word) that’s now gracing us with its presence in Wynwood. Apologies in advance for ruining your store-bought hummus experience from here on out, but you haven’t tasted hummus until you’ve walked through these doors. Dizengoff offers a variety of fresh-made flavors with rotating seasonal garnishes like hot spiced lamb with pine nuts or avocado with harissa. Each hummus is accompanied by fresh, hearth-baked pita and you can also opt for chopped salad and Israeli pickles on the side. Last but not least, there’s no better way to beat Miami’s heat than cooling down with a Lemonnana (also a real word), which is an Israeli-style frozen mint lemonade.

diz 3 edited.jpg

So to the rest of the restaurants that will be popping up on this block shortly, I wish you luck because Federal Donuts & Dizengoff set the bar quite high!